exactly what you need to manage provenance research

our online system is specifically designed to handle the varieties of data required
to valuate artworks in the marketplace and to protect an artist’s legacy

This means that verifiably accurate, up-to-date research and scholarship can be published in print or online in the form of a catalogue raisonné, it can be used to create teaching tools and interactive museum displays, it can be used in curating exhibitions, and more.

Our software follows cataloging best practices as recommended by leading members of the Catalogue Raisonné Scholars Association • we refer to the Visual Resources Association guidelines for describing cultural works and images • we use The Chicago Manual of Style as a guide in formatting texts.

And we work continuously with professionals in the industry to improve and update our product features and protocols.

“One of our challenges is to create a complex online reference that can cover the many aspects of Lichtenstein’s work. It was sometimes rather difficult to establish a clear and integrated architecture, but with the help of our panOpticon database we are making great progress.”
Roy Lichtenstein Catalogue Raisonné Project



  • The panOpticon IMS Software resides on our cloud-based platform and is licensed on a subscription basis.
  • It is web-based Software, so it can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • The Software is password protected with different levels of access for other users that are entirely under your control.
  • If you have data, we can convert and migrate yours to fit our database structure. We convert most data formats. You lose nothing in the process.
  • We can work with you to modify our product to meet the demands of a specific artist or to accommodate a particular kind of content.
  • We will train your staff, interns, and anyone else who will be using the Software in on-site and/or remote tutorials.
  • Call for assistance during regular business hours, or get support via email. Apart from whatever support you need from us, there’s no need for IT involvement—it’s an entirely do-it-yourself enterprise!
  • And when you are ready, you can use your data to design for print, or we can work with you to create a website that takes full advantage of your content.


Paul Cézanne. La Montagne Sainte-Victoire vue du chemin de Valcros,

The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné takes Cézanne scholarship in new directions, while all the known paintings are being made available in color for the first time. The catalogue is of benefit to students, scholars, curators, collectors, galleries, and auction houses as well as anyone who wants to learn more about one of the most revered and influential painters of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

“The work panOpticon did for us in setting up a database for our catalogue raisonné of Paul Cézanne was brilliant. They clearly understand the concept of a catalogue raisonné and the system they have set up for us is easy to use, flexible in its application, and amazingly comprehensive. We are thrilled with the final product and, in fact, would probably not have been able to produce this catalogue at all without their help. They have a clear understanding of what information will be of interest to scholars as well as general readers and have a sensitivity toward Cézanne’s work and existing scholarship which has greatly impressed me.”
 — David Nash, co-author, The Paintings of Paul Cézanne: An Online Catalogue Raisonné


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Top: Susannah Shepherd of panOpticon (center) working with Andrea Theil, Catalogue Raisonné Manager and Researcher (left) and Crystal Sourour, Assistant to the Catalogue Raisonné Manager (right), both of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, New York.

Above: Paul Cézanne. La Montagne Sainte-Victoire vue du chemin de Valcros, 1878–79, oil on canvas, Pushkin Museum, Moscow.