our platform enables you to document data
around the artwork of an individual artist
and release reliable information for others to reuse

Hugh Steers, Mary Cassatt, László Moholy-Nagy
. .

“The ease with which we can document data, upload images, create lists and notes as part of our daily research has allowed us to expand our archives in so many ways. We can’t imagine a better system.”

Debra Burchett-Lere
Director, Sam Francis Foundation

As soon as they are ready to release, reliable data may be published, they can be put to work in curating exhibitions, they play a vital role in promoting a less widely known or overlooked artist, they can be employed to create teaching tools and interactive displays, and they are indispensable to the production of an authoritative catalogue raisonné.

Verifiably accurate information is useable for —

art experts and the courts
art insurance
auction sales
authority to sell (title)
bankruptcy, creditors’ rights, and security interests in works of art
catalogues raisonnés
collateralization of art
consignment agreements
copyrights in works of art and reproductions of works of art
cultural patrimony laws
curating exhibitions
customs service regulations concerning the import and export of art
defamation concerning works of art and their provenance
divorce and other family disputes
droit moral and the Visual Artists Rights Act
exhibition agreements
donor restrictions on use or display of donated works
import and export of art
International cultural treaties
Internet sites concerning art and art sales
investment management and financial planning
joint ownership of works of art
legal disputes over responsibility and ownership
loans for art buyers and dealers
loans and gifts of artwork to museums
looted and confiscated works of art from the Nazi era
lost and stolen works of art
misappropriation of artwork and design
Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
private dealer sales
Presidential Commission on Holocaust Assets in the US
valuating works of art

reliable data help preserve and protect the legacy of an artist


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Above from left to right: Hugh Steers (1963–95), 1982. Photo © Nicola Goode; Mary Cassatt (1844–1926); László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946) and Lucia Moholy, Untitled 1925, Museum of Modern Art: Thomas Walther Collection. The Family of Man Fund 1791.2001 © 2017 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn.

Below from left to right: Paul Cézanne. The Garden at Les Lauves, c.1906, The Phillips Collection: Acquired 1955; Paul Cézanne. Self-Portrait, 1878–1880, The Phillips Collection: Acquired 1928; Paul Cézanne. Fields at Bellevue, 1892–95, The Phillips Collection: Acquired 1940.