welcome to the new and improved catalog(ue)

closing the gap between creators and users of catalogues raisonnés


When I began this blog five years ago, it was the only place where producers of catalogues raisonnés could go to stay ahead of the curve—by understanding the challenges they face when using developing digital technologies to catalog provenance data.

This is still the only place.

In addition to the artist estates and foundations, museums, scholars and artists who create catalogues raisonnés, there are ever-increasing numbers of people who need to access the information they contain—art collectors, art dealers and auction houses, educators, students, exhibition curators, appraisers, art advisors, insurance companies, art lawyers, archivists, art conservators, art investment advisors, heirs of artists or collectors, lending institutions, librarians, trust & estate attorneys, wealth managers, writers and art critics, art investigators, and more.

I am now asking all the consumers of this vital information to participate in a very important conversation. I would like this blog to be an open forum—a place to ask questions, get advice, discuss possibilities, share experiences, and otherwise exchange ideas.

It is my hope, as a result of the ensuing dialogue, that those who are looking for accurate, verifiable provenance information will be able to find it more readily available. And that creators will be able to produce even better catalogues raisonnés, and richer end-user experiences, while maintaining the standards of time-honored cataloging practices.

Together we will bring the catalogue raisonné into the 21st Century.

Roger Shepherd
CEO & Creative Director



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