one size fits none

in design, just as in cooking, flavor counts for something

I have a question.
When it comes to online artist catalogs, why do they look alike for the most part? The same logic. The same style. Similar color palettes. A paucity of extra features. Pretty bland.

Do we think that the catalog form itself is inherently limited? Do we believe, albeit unconsciously, that livening up the catalog even a little might taint it’s (perceived) value? Is it difficult to find designers who are knowledgeable and sensitive enough to coax something more interesting and useful from this kind of content? Or, don’t we think about it?

I’d like to try something different with this post.
I won’t express my opinions—yet. Instead, I want your opinions. Please.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Are there sites out there, new or old, that you think meet higher standards and I’m just missing them? Then, by all means, send me a URL, or two, and let’s look at some examples together.

I want to be proven wrong on this one.


Roger Shepherd is the Creative Director of panOpticon.


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Roger Shepherd
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