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This is a table of contents of sorts. Continuously compiled from many of the comments we receive, it represents the diversity of our readership. Use the box at the bottom of the page to add a question, suggest a topic or a category, recommend a resource, comment on a problem you are having, or describe how you solved one—anything that might stimulate a response from us or from other readers. We will try to answer your questions. If what you have to say is of broad enough interest, we may address the subject further in an article and add it to the list with a link. We might even ask you to write something.

What do I need to put a catalog online?

Can someone just build a web site for me?

Do I need a database?

What is a back-end?

I already have data in spreadsheets: will that work?

What’s the best way to keep track of my images?

Will I lose anything if I transfer data from one system to another?

How does a catalog tool work?

Can I access my online cataloging tool from my handheld device?

Am I free to choose how I enter data?

Am I limited in my publishing options if I go online?

What are the advantages of an online catalog?

What are the disadvantages of an online catalog?

How can we make this enterprise pay?

Should I restrict access to my catalog? Charge a fee?

Is there a limit to the size of a database?

Can I use media files?

Will a database become outmoded?

How can I be sure my data is secure?

How does an image management system work?

Can I restrict access to my data?

I need some tips for keywording.

Is there a reason to limit access to my catalog?

I see the word catalogue in one place and catalog in another. Which is correct?

What is the plural of catalogue raisonné?

How is an online catalog an advantage over the book?

What new thinking is emerging in the online environment?

How can I best use an online user experience in teaching and learning?

How complete should an online catalog be before publishing?

How frequently should I revise my catalog?

What image format and size do I need for an online catalog?


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This blog is exclusively concerned with questions of cataloging qua cataloging.
We will not consider anything regarding
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2) permissions, intellectual property, legal questions, or
3) product reviews.

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