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The recently launched Pol Bury Online Catalogue Raisonné
focuses on the artist’s paintings, reliefs, and sculptures.

“With over 1,000 published entries at the moment, the website will be continuously updated and completed as research advances. Collectors and anyone who might provide further documentation of the artist and his oeuvre are invited to share useful information which will contribute to making this website the perfect vehicle for expanding our knowledge and deepening our appreciation of the artist’s work.”

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 Friedrich Gräsel. Großplastik an der TU-Berlin: II/2 .

the Complete Work of German sculptor Friedrich Gräsel can be accessed on the artist’s official website managed by Van Ham Art Estate (Cologne)

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Pol Bury
Moving Ceiling
acier inoxydable, moteur électrique, ventilateurs
75 cylindres de 80 à 130 cm de longueur sur 200 m2
STIB: Station de métro Bourse, Bruxelles

Friedrich Gräsel
Großplastik an der TU-Berlin: II/2
Nr. 1625
Foto und Skizzen und Pappe
85 x 61 cm
Signiert und datiert: Gräsel Verso: 1.12.77
Nürnberg, Germanisches Nationalmuseum



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