our software packages

  • The panOpticon IMS Software resides on our cloud-based platform and is licensed on a subscription basis.
  • It is web-based Software, so it can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • The Software is password protected with different levels of access for other users that are entirely under your control.
  • If you have data, we can convert and migrate yours to fit our database structure. We convert most data formats. You lose nothing in the process.
  • We can work with you to modify our product to meet the demands of a specific artist or to accommodate a particular kind of content.
  • We will train your staff, interns, and anyone else who will be using the Software in on-site and/or remote tutorials.
  • Call for assistance during regular business hours, or get support via email. Apart from whatever support you need from us, there’s no need for IT involvement—it’s an entirely do-it-yourself enterprise!
  • And when you are ready, you can use your data to design for print, or we can work with you to create a website that takes full advantage of your content.

Whether you are starting a catalogue from scratch, or looking for a more robust product for your current data, we have a Software package that will meet your needs.

panOpticon Software Packages

the basic
The one-time-only setup charge for our basic Content Management and Delivery Software is $3,000. Annual subscription fees start as low as $1,200 per year. The fee covers cloud hosting on our server (AWS), periodic upgrades, and web-based support.

Take an in-depth look at what you get for this price.

Contact us for a quote on the cost of legacy data conversion and migration or for the price for a website.

the basic+ 
The basic CMS plus one major change means we convert and move your legacy data to our database, or you choose from an available set of standard add-ons.

the basic++
The basic CMS plus two or more major changes means we convert and move your legacy data and we work with you to make custom modifications to our database.

Prices for all these will be negotiated depending on the quantity and form of your legacy data, and/or the quantity and form of any modifications.

For a quote tailored to your needs: arrange here for a live demonstration and consultation.