the reasoned catalogue realized

collect, analyze and share  the value of data lies in their use

Provenance researchers who archive online using panOpticon are raising the bar for their teams as well as for their communities. As a consequence, an ecosystem of controlled review and exchange is beginning to develop in the art industry.

For the first time curators, writers, historians, teachers, students, appraisers, wealth managers, galleries, museums, libraries, archives, auction houses, collectors, insurers, educational institutions, estates, foundations, artists, and others invested in this vast territory are able to share credible information and give feedback to one another.

The results of these efforts are no longer static collections of records and documents to be occasionally referenced by a few, but are instead, organic processes that play a dynamic and public role in both the appreciation and the business of art.

Leverage data as soon as they are usable — usability means traceable chains of evidence.

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Above: Paul Cézanne. La Corbeille de pommes, c. 1893. Oil on canvas, 25 5/8 x 31 1/2 in. (65 x 80 cm). Signed lower left in red-brown: P. Cezanne. The Art Institute of Chicago (The Helen Birch-Bartlett Memorial Collection).

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