Torres-García Catalogue Launched

Arthur Dove, Plant Forms, 1911–12

Joaquín Torres-García Online Catalogue – a First

The Joaquín Torres-García Catalogue Raisonné is the first online scholarly resource dedicated to the paintings and sculptures of the Uruguayan modernist artist (1874–1949). Gathered together for the first time, the information in this unique website affords scholars, collectors, and the general public never-before access to Torres-García’s expansive artistic production.

The website provides a comprehensive experience of the artist’s works, exhibitions and publications, as well as a chronology of his life and career—all liberally illustrated and linked to new digital images and related documentary materials. All the published materials in this online catalogue are free and accessible to anyone who registers.

The Joaquín Torres-García Catalogue Raisonné represents the culmination of over forty years of study led by Cecilia de Torres. Investigation about the artist remains ongoing, and is regularly reviewed and updated as research continues.

The website was designed by panOpticon who worked closely with the authors. The visually stunning and fully integrated site includes innovative features such as links between the works, the collections, the exhibitions and the published references; advanced filtering and search capabilities; the capacity to look at the works in sizes relative one to the other; as well as the ability for the user to see early exhibitions virtually recreated.

Above: Joaquín Torres-García in his Montevideo studio, c.1939.


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