Toys and Torres-García

toy elephant Joaquín Torres-García

News Release: Toys in the JTG Catalogue Raisonné

NEW YORK, NY — To celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the Joaquín Torres-García Catalogue Raisonné, CECILIA DE TORRES LTD is pleased to announce that the artist’s toy production is now available online.

Combining play with pedagogy, Torres-García designed toys for children throughout much of his career. Over two hundred models ranging from locomotives to circus animals to a multi-figure café scene have been identified as belonging to his oeuvre.

The toys have been classified within the catalogue raisonné with a “T” number that reflects their period of production, such that works beginning with “T1.” date to the artist’s Barcelona years, c. 1917-1919; “T2.” date to his years in New York, c.1920-1922; “T3.” date to his period in Italy, c. 1924-1926; and “T4.” his years in Paris, c. 1927-1932.

When available, photographs of the toys positioned in multiple arrangements demonstrate their flexibility and interactivity. Supplemental diagrams, designed by Torres-García for the packaging of his toys, illustrate the various combinations that he envisioned, and are included within the catalogue raisonné records. Such characteristics reveal Torres-García’s aim for his toys as educational and developmental tools. Additionally, many of the toys are cross-referenced with catalogues, published and distributed by the toy companies Francisco Rambla (1919) and Aladdin (1922-1923).

As with the paintings and sculptures recorded in the catalogue raisonné, the provenance, exhibition history, and literature references are recorded for each toy, and further research remains ongoing. Research on the toy production has been led by Cecilia de Torres assisted by Madeline Murphy Turner, with Susanna V. Temkin.

In addition to the toys, in the one year that the catalogue raisonné has been available, research on the paintings and sculptures has remained ongoing. Numerous supplementary references have been added, including:

  • The identification of a new painting
  • Over one hundred new exhibition references
  • Approximately four hundred new literature sources
  • Thus far over 1,000 users have accessed the site, with new registrants added every day.

Access to the catalogue raisonné is free and available to the public at the website — Joaquín Torres-García Catalogue Raisonné

We continue to invite owners of works by Joaquín Torres-García to submit paintings and sculptures for inclusion in the catalogue raisonné of his oeuvre. Please contact