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For the first time curators, writers, historians, teachers, students, appraisers, wealth managers, galleries, museums, libraries, archives, auction houses, collectors, insurers, educational institutions, estates, foundations, artists, and all the others invested in this vast territory are able to share credible information and give feedback to one another.

The results of their efforts are no longer static collections of records and documents to be occasionally referenced by a few, but are instead, organic processes that play a dynamic and public role in both the appreciation and the business of art.

Leverage data as soon as they are usable — usability means traceable chains of evidence.



“panOpticon’s system is amazingly comprehensive. They have a clear understanding of what information will be of interest to both scholars and general users and they have a sensitivity toward Cézanne’s work and existing scholarship which has greatly impressed me.
We are thrilled with our final product. In fact, we would probably not have been able to create this catalogue at all without their platform.”

David Nash — Director, Mitchell-Innes & Nash
The Paintings, Watercolors and Drawings of Paul Cezanne: An online
catalogue raisonné under the direction of Walter Feilchenfeldt, Jayne Warman, and David Nash




• You subscribe to our digital platform on an annual basis.

• We host all your files in our backend – your data and assets are yours in perpetuity.

• You are in control of every aspect of your catalogue.

• If you have legacy data you want to move, we are able to convert and migrate your data to fit our database structure (at additional cost).

• The IMS is accessed online from anywhere there is an internet connection.

• Since the System resides online and is accessed through an ordinary web browser, no particular system requirements are needed.

• You are able to give and control access to others so they may work for you.

• You are able to give access to others so they may review or exchange data with you.

• If and when you feel you want one, there are a variety of website options available at additional cost.

• We will work with you to modify our product to meet the demands of a specific artist or to accommodate a particular kind of content (occasionally at extra cost).

• We will train your staff, interns, and anyone else who will be using the software in on-site and/or remote tutorials.

• You can call for assistance during regular business hours, or get support via email. Apart from whatever support you need from us, there’s no need for IT involvement—it’s an entirely do-it-yourself enterprise.


• Our platform is operated on top of our servers (which we control), which are hosted on Amazon’s AWS Infrastructure.

• We have a server team who manages and monitors these servers with real time information about traffic and down-time.

• We have set up multiple servers providing high availability (“redundancy”) to make sure, if a server ever goes down, that your hosted catalogue stays online.

• We maintain active backups of all databases, images, and other uploaded files so your data is protected. Upon request we can restore data that was inadvertently deleted on your end and we can roll-back data at a moment’s notice.

• We are able to deploy all updates and bug-fixes to all clients as soon as they are available, automatically.

• We provide free updates to newer versions of our catalogue software for as long as you are hosted with us, which means that you receive upgraded features as they become available without paying for another license.

• We have configured our hosted catalogues to run in a secure environment, with secure servers and secure software, and regularly review and upgrade our infrastructure to increase the security and protection around each catalogue and your hosted data and uploads.

• We provide free HTTPS web server certificates for secure catalog web access for all hosted CRs, which ensures all web access to your data is done securely.


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Top of page: Paul Cézanne. La Corbeille de pommes, c. 1893. Oil on canvas, 25 5/8 x 31 1/2 in. (65 x 80 cm). Signed lower left in red-brown: P. Cezanne. The Art Institute of Chicago (The Helen Birch-Bartlett Memorial Collection).